Course Outline

Brief training program:

  • Basis for the construction of image and color models
  • Work with stencils for color
  • Scanning
  • Adjust color photos.
  • Retouching and modifications
  • Photomontages
  • Recording and optimizing graphics.
  • Formats

Sample topics of classes:


  • Pictures, more professional and legibly
  • Scanner, restore old photos greatness.
  • Photo Lab, preparation of transfer images to photo paper
  • Photomontage, poster creation combining the graphics, texts
  • Internet, preparing images to be placed on social networking sites and blogs, websites


  • Tablet / scanning, transferring drawings from paper to computer, turn on the computer
  • Principles of drawing, light, perspective, colors in drawing and painting


  • Internet / print, prepare the text for publication online


  • Requirements, the requirements of graphic designers, what graphic can create
  • Assembly materials, combining still images and preparation of conceptual, subtitles
  • Organization, the organization co-designers
  • Control, control of work schedules


Computer skills.

 14 Hours

Number of participants

Price per participant

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