Course Outline

Day 1: Frontend with JavaScript and Bootstrap

  • Take a detailed look at HTML/CSS/JavaScript and the Bootstrap framework from Twitter.
  • Create small applications that run all in the browser without any backend code.

Day 2: Backend with node.js and MongoDB

  • Write a full featured web applications where multiple users can communicate and store state using a backend system. One way to do that with JavaScript is to use MongoDB and node.js.
  • Cover the REST pattern and implement and test simple REST components in JavaScript with node.js using the MongoDB database system as storage.

Day 3: Example

  • On day 3, we would put everything together and implement a real application in a workshop fashion, also looking into more topics around a full example:
    • github + git,
    • docker for building and shipping of code,
    • amazon ec2 for hosting.
 21 Hours

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